English Language Stars  

Awarding excellence in English education

Selecting our stars

School awards

Our judges use a combination of the following two methods to determine our shortlists and winners.

1. Your students opinion of your school is crucial to our assessment. Your students can complete our quick and easy to follow survey. Click here to go the survey.

2. We ask you to complete our application form. This gives you a chance to describe to    your school, its achievements and your schools learning culture. 

                                                                        Download our school entrance form

Teacher Awards

Our judges follow the same process for our teaching awards looking at the following two areas. 

1. Your students opinion is again crucial in our assessment. You can ask your students to rate their teacher via our survey. Click here to go to the survey

2. We ask you to complete the teacher nomination form, which enables you to communicate why you believe the teacher to be excellent.   

                                                                         Download our teachers' entrance form

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